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Fourm rules

Post by hyperfairy777 on Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:02 pm

firstly, welcome everyone to Sam's fourm Games fourms,  I hope you enjoy your stay, so let us get the boring part out of the way A.S.A.P

firstly, no flaming, trolling or spamming, this just clutters up the board and we are all just here to have fun,

a thread will be provided for trying out the features and that is the only place spam will be tolerated (to a degree, don't go posting rows of emoticons though)

for games, anyone can make a forum game, but do not rip off other's creations, variations however, are perfectly fine, as long as there is a clear difference between the games, please be respectful of the games and do not insult or mis-treat the creator of the game, if you do not like the game, do not play it

in games, there is no such thing as omnipitence or unlimited power, only the game's admin has that, a baseline for players within games is nothing higher than 3d multiverse busting, however, the individual who is running the game will have the final say on power limits,

only the game admin (or their representatives, like an original character) can be omnipotent/ have unlimited power in their game worlds

for story writing, do not steal other's ideas as that's just rude, always ask the owner of a character before using them in your story if you are writing one. also, when criticizing, make sure you criticism is constructive.

finally, try to keep things PG 13, if something seems to be borderline, put it into a spoiler, do not go overboard with explicit content, and defiantly do not post anything illegal.

for controversial subjects, (e.g Religion, poloticts) please notify me first and i will asses weather or not it is suitable


will edit this as and when I need to,


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